Loyalty program

For frequent guests of Tigrus Group restaurants, we offer our loyalty program called Tigrus Club.

How does it work?

Collect bonus points in Osteria Mario and Shvili restaurants,

and use them to pay your bill (max. 50% of the bill amount) in any restaurant.

Be the first to learn about our news and interesting offers!

How to participate?

Soon we will launch an updated TIGRUS CLUB application for you.

Just a few touches left, and your favorite restaurants will be in your pocket again.

To continue accumulating bonus points, install a stylish Tigrus Holding electronic card in your digital wallet.

You can always learn more by asking any employee of the restaurant.


Collect bonus points:



Once you sign up for the loyalty program, you receive 50 AED in welcoming points.
After every payment, 5% of your order amount will be returned to your card.
When the total amount of your orders exceeds 5000 AED, the rate will be increased to 7%.
When the total amount of your orders exceeds 10,000 AED, the rate will be increased to 10%.


If you fill out your personal information, you can get a 20% cashback in the Tigrus Club application for your birthday!


*For any additional questions about Osteria Mario and Shvili program, please contact us by email at dubai@tigrus.com.


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